What team are you on?

Whether you’re a gym queen or a Spice Girls fan, you can come play with us (everyone is welcome on our team).

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Look at this sweet detail

Like all our hand fans, this item is signed with our woven label and its black metal eyelet. This is our tribute to the two most iconic pieces of streetwear: the t-shirt and the sneakers.

Comes with a handy bonus

A silver metal loop binds together the sticks of all our models. It does look nice. But it is mostly useful to attach your hand fan to one of our lanyards and take it with you anywhere you like (even without a bag!).

Designed in France • Made in Spain • Worn in the street

Now that’s a stylish finish

Nothing looks sharper than the unvarnished natural wood finish of this frame. No fuss: the real star is the graphic on the leaf.

Don’t go without a pouch

The best way to take your fan anywhere without risking ruining it? Our screen-printed black cotton pouch comes with every fan.

Looking for the perfect gift?

Your hand fan will be delivered in a metallic bubble envelope with Ramdam Dlx’s graphic touch. No need for gift wrapping nor extra protection: that’s neat!


  • Natural wood frame (quality ✓), unvarnished.
  • Silver plated loop (handy ✓).
  • 100% cotton fabric with digital print.
  • Basketball jersey imitation graphic, “Wannabe” red-orange type on blue background.


  • Open: 43 x 23cm (17″ x 9″)
  • Closed: 4.5 x 23cm (1.8″ x 9″)
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 32 × 24 cm

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