The fashion industry is becoming aware of its impact on the environment and society too slowly. However, today one must be able to combine style and responsibility. Yes, sir.
Even though Ramdam Dlx is still in its infancy, we are committed to making efforts to reduce our ecological impact and to live up to the social issues of our time.

Cultural heritage

Ramdam Dlx is committed to defending and preserving the Spanish know-how. Our fans are handmade by a family-owned business that has been established in the vicinity of Valencia for more than a century. From the printer to the expert workers who assemble the fans, our production line relies on local skills. And that’s good, because the province has made its specialty of this iconic accessory.

Carbon emissions

By choosing a Colissimo or Chronopost delivery method, provided by La Poste (the French Post Office), you are guaranteed that the transport of your package will get carbon offset, without additional cost. Learn more on La Poste’s website.

And in the near future, we will continue to improve our products, our logistics and our practices in order to use raw materials from sustainable and/or recyclable sources, without giving up style!