Designed in Paris

Ramdam Dlx is born of the mind of Baptiste Delval, Parisian graphic designer. In his office in the 20th arrondissement, he imagined and drew the designs and details for each model. His motivation was clear from the get-go: reinventing the hand fan by getting away from its stereotypes, in order to convince new, more mixed and younger customer who dare to play with fashion without worrying about gender codes.

Handmade in Spain

Ramdam Dlx is committed to defending and preserving the Spanish know-how. Our fans are handmade by a family-owned business that has been established in the vicinity of Valencia for more than a century. From the printer to the expert workers who hand polish the frame and assemble the fans, the production line is based on local skills. And that’s good, because the province has made its specialty of this iconic accessory.

Depending on the model, the polished wood frame remains untreated or is painted and varnished by hand. Meanwhile, the 100% cotton fabric receives its design. Digital printing makes it possible to reproduce the most complex designs (like photos). Textile screen-printing allows to produce opaque and homogeneous solid colors (as on a t-shirt). The “leaf” is then cut and glued by hand on the sticks of the frame. It is finally closed and bound by a metal loop, and some models are personalized with an exclusive accessory.

Worn in the street

Ramdam Dlx was conceived as a streetwear brand. Designs, colors, materials and finishing touches draw their inspiration from the street and pop culture. When we receive the hand fans in our Paris studio is when we add our final touch. They are all signed with our branded woven label, that we fix with a black metal eyelet. This is our tribute to the two most iconic pieces of streetwear: the t-shirt and the sneakers. And so that hand fans are suited to urban lifestyles, we imagined an accessory that makes them even more handy: a nylon lanyard that you can carry everywhere, even with your hands in your pockets.


Ramdam couldn’t have seen the light of day without the unconditional support of Matthieu, as well as the wise advice of Romain, Pierre, Djémil, Julia and Dorothée, nor Thibault and Julien’s precious help.
Thanks a million! (we counted: it’s about 125,000 times each)