Thank you for joining the family!

We are happy to count you among the lucky holders of one of our hand fans. First of all, in order to thank you, we wanted to offer you:

1 free lanyard
for the purchase of a hand fan,
valid on your next order with code
to be used before 06/30/2020

Our care tips

Here are our tips to take care of your hand fan if you want to keep if snappy for a long time!

Enemy No. 1: stains

Of course, your Ramdam dlx fan is the perfect accessory for sunny decks, parties by the beach, warm nights out clubbing and much more. But its composition made of wood and fabric makes it a fragile object, sensitive to of all kinds of stains. Nope, you won’t be able to put it in the washing machine. Please, don’t! The best way to extend the lifespan of your hand fan is to avoid exposing it to any risk of stains. In the event of an accident, do not allow the stain to dry: gently pat it with a cloth moistened with soapy water to remove the excess. Don’t rub, you would risk damaging the print or the paint of your fan.

Enemy No. 2: the sun

Cooling off with your fan in the blazing sun is alright. That’s what it was designed for! But when you do not use it, leaving it exposed to the rays of the sun is out of question: while you’re tanning (always with sunscreen), your fan would deteriorate irrevocably. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may discolor the pigments used for printing or dyeing the fabric, distort the wooden monture, or degrade the glue that holds both together. Fortunately, we’ve thought of everything, and every Ramdam dlx fan comes with a black cotton pouch to protect it from the sun, dust, or even stains (see above). When you’re not fanning, remember to put it back into its pouch. A small tip by the way: get the upper part of your fan into the pouch first. It will come out more easily this way!

Enemy No. 3: shocks

Stains, the sun, and now shocks. Roughly, anything that can hurt you can also harm your fan! To take care of it, avoid hitting it or opening it too brutally: you could tear the leaf, peel it off, break the look or the wooden sticks, or flake the paint (for painted and varnished models). Since each of our fans is made with love, it would make us sad if you couldn’t enjoy it as long as possible.

And if you ever encounter a problem not listed above, do not hesitate to nous contacter: we will gladly try to help you find a solution.