5 Spanish hand fans brands you should absolutely know about

Three photos of Spanish hand fans from Kausi, Agustina Studio and Tusitala

It’s stronger than me, I have a passion for Spain: its language, its people, its culture, its food… and of course its Spanish fans! 😎
It is no coincidence that the peninsula became famous for its hand fans. Imported from the East, folded fans first found their way into Europe through Portugal in the 16th century, before conquering the rest of the continent. It took two centuries for Spain to establish itself as the epicenter of fan manufacturing. It was in the 18th century that the Real Fábrica de Abanicos (Royal Fan Factory) was founded in the city of Valencia.
Even today, the Valencian Community is home to the vast majority of fan manufacturers in Europe. The most important Iberian fan makers are established in the city of Aldaia.

The Spanish hand fan: between crafts and modernity

As a lover of all things Spanish, it was clear that I needed to meet these craftsmen for the manufacturing of my fans. Even if local craftsmanship is more expensive than mass production in Asia, Spanish hand fans are known for their quality! And making quality products is my primary goal.
Obviously, Ramdam Dlx is not the only brand that’s committed to promoting Spanish know-how. Many Iberian fashion accessories brands create hand fans that combine an eye for contemporary design and local manufacturing.
I have selected for you five Hispanic brands that perpetuate the tradition of the Spanish hand fan in style, so that you can make your summer fresher!

Kausi hand fans

Three Spanish hand fans from Kausi by Barbara Pan, black and white wooden frame, peony design on mustard, eggplant and blue backgrounds, placed on a wooden floor

Created in 2019 like Ramdam Dlx, Kausi has quickly established itself as the new Spanish fan brand to watch.
The brand was named after a legendary princess by the name of Kau-Si. She is believed to be behind the invention of the hand fan by using her mask to fan herself during a torchlight party.

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After just one year, the Madrid brand already has dozens of elegant Spanish fans with natural patterns for sale. Kausi owes its success in particular to its numerous collaborations with fashion designers (Palomo; Rocío Peralta), textile designers (Gastón y Daniela) or even a plate painter (Barbara Pan).
The brand does not skimp on quality: the frames are made of lacquered or polished pear or sipo wood, the leaves are made of 100% cotton fabric and showcase very creative printed patterns.

Hand fans from 32 to 69€ | www.kausi.es

Agustina Studio hand fans

"Angulo" Spanish hand fan by Agustina Studio, blue geometric design, held in front of her face by a young woman lying on the beach

Agustina Studio was founded in Barcelona in 2017 by Diana Bertolín and Óscar Morte. This young duo of print designers has taken on the mission of bringing a Mediterranean touch to our interiors. Together, they create wall coverings, rugs, towels, plaids, bed sheets, bags… and Spanish hand fans of course!

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Their range of geometric designs and pastel colors hand fans exudes freshness and sunshine. We only wish we could take them right now for a stroll through the alleys of Barcelona or for an afternoon on the beaches of Sitges.

Hand fans 20€ | www.agustinastudio.com

Tusitala hand fans

Graphic composition of multiple Spanish fans, fabrics with various patterns, patchwork, on a pale pink background

Another Barcelona brand, Tusitala has a predilection for revisiting classic fabric patterns as a patchwork. Polka dots, herringbone, Vichy, liberty, leopard or check : every pattern finds its place on Tusitala fans!

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Priding itself on using the best raw materials, the brand aims to be the international ambassador of the Spanish hand fan know-how.
It should not come as a surprise that the brand offers a rainbow of designs: Tusitala’s designers take color as a starting point to create unique and authentic fans.

Hand fans 32€ | www.tusitalabarcelona.com

Arena Stories hand fans

Two Spanish fans in organic cotton from the Arena Stories brand, brick and light pink colors, held by one hand in front of a plastered wall

Let’s stay in Catalonia with this high-end beach umbrella manufacturer with an attention for sustainability.
Arena Stories designs gorgeous solid color beach umbrellas with a sweet 70s look. In order to reuse the organic cotton scraps from the making of its canvas, the brand had the clever idea of designing hand fans that match its beach umbrellas.

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These Spanish raw birch wood fans come in six soft and nice muted colors. Arena Stories gets us in the mood for going to the beach with their sleek and timeless design.

Hand fans 30€, beach umbrellas 160 to 180€ | www.arenastories.com

Falenas hand fans by Redondo store

"Camuflaje" Spanish hand fan with geometric pattern, of the Falenas brand by the Redondo shop, held by a woman's hand in front of an eggplant wall

Things are also happening outside of Madrid and Barcelona! Let’s finish our tour of Spain in Zaragoza.
María, Patrícia and Marta are three sisters who run Redondo, their namesake fourth-generation fashion shop in the heart of the Aragonese city. Together, they brought new life to the family shop by creating Falenas, a fashion brand that mixes tradition and new trends.

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Alongside very cool clothes for trendy thirty-somethings, they offer a small collection of exotic Spanish fans.
Most of their fans are made from painted or varnished birch wood, with prints designed by Patrícia on fabric. You can even find on their online store a more luxurious model that is entirely painted by hand, in the purest Spanish tradition 🙂

Hand fans 29 to 185€ | www.redondostore.com

Where to buy a Spanish fan?

In recent years, Spanish hand fans have become the essential accessory to face the heat in style. It’s your best ally for summer heatwaves, beach vacations, and the sweltering heat of public transportation.
Good news! All the brands mentioned above offer their fans for sale through their website or a network of independent shops.

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And if you’re looking for a fun and modern hand fan made in Spain with respect for tradition, do not hesitate to take a look at our collections.
All our fans are handmade by a renowned craftsman from Aldaia in the Valencia region. We only use quality raw materials: hand-polished beech wood, sipo wood painted with a matte finish, 100% cotton fabric with digital printing… And above all, our fans come in exclusive designs that will add a snappy touch to your look all year round!